6 Ways to Improve Your House Façade


Have you ever felt that your home looks sad, lonely, and unappealing?

We have good news for you!

Here at Triton Paints, we love to help our followers to improve their homes. Today we will learn how to improve its appearance by giving your façade a makeover.

The Façade is the face of your house. And much like any face, your house façade must always look neat, clean, and presentable. Here are six ways to make your house façade better:


1. Wash Your House

Let’s face it, everybody loves tidy things. So, once in a while, wash your house. It is a simple and cheap way to make your house look better.


2. Improve The Lighting

Have you noticed that your neighbors' well-lit house looks better at night than yours? That is because of proper lighting. So, we suggest that you add a few more lights on your gate, on the façade, garage, walkway, or near your front door.


3. Refinish or Repaint Your Door

If the façade is your house's face, then we can say that the front door is your house’s lips. And like with anyone’s lips, it’s ideal for keeping them looking healthy. How could we possibly do this? It’s as simple as repainting your front door with Triton Automotive Lacquer or if you are going for a rustic look, refinish them with Solid Vista Varnish.

4. Paint Your Home

Click here for the step-by-step process of repainting exterior walls.

Painting your homes is one of the best ways to make your house beautiful. If your house is made of concrete, you may use latex paints. We have a variety of Latex Paints suitable for your painting needs and budget. You can use Duracoat Premium Latex Paint, Rosco Wet & Dry Elastomeric Paint, Duraseal Elastomeric Paint, or Triton Latex Masonry.

Also, try our Triton Quick Drying Enamel for your home’s wood and metal sections, which has the fastest drying time of any enamel on the market right now.


Tip: According to mymove.net, shades of gray, blue, white, yellow, green, or other neutral colors are among the top picks for house exteriors.

5. Add a Few Plants

There is a growing “plantita-plantito craze” in this pandemic. It is a good idea to go on trend if you want to improve the look of your house. Plants make spaces like your house exterior more appealing and alive. It can be used to either contrast or emphasize the color of your home. Not only are you on-trend, but plants can help relieve tension and anxiety whether they are grown outside or indoors.

6. Don't Forget Your Roof

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Don’t forget to clean and improve the appearance of your roof, which is one of the components that complete the appearance of your house’s façade. Its color should be complementary to the color of the façade. You may repaint your roofs with our Roofsheen Gloss Acrylic Roofing Paint or Rosco Fiesta Roof Gloss Roofing Paint.

Click here to learn more about Rosco Fiesta Roof.